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A Good Appetite (National Trust)

A Good Appetite (National Trust)

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Publication Date: July 23rd, 2023
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A must-have book for food lovers who want to be greener.

A Good Appetite is packed with practical information for making the way you shop and cook more planet-friendly.

There are over 50 delicious recipes that are designed to be adapted in hundreds of ways to suit what’s in season or your store cupboard.

There are guides to everything from eating with the seasons, root to fruit eating and making a little meat go further to batch cooking, the best ways to use your freezer and even foraging.

By avoiding food waste and stretching expensive ingredients, there’s a pay-off for your pocket too.

Jenny Chandler has created an invaluable guide that can change the way you cook – for yourself, friends and family – for good.

Includes metric and imperial measures.

About the Author

Jenny Chandler is a food writer, chef and cookery teacher based in Bristol, England. Jenny's passionate about the vital role of honest home-cooking in both the health of people and the planet. She believes that kids who love to cook possess an invaluable life skill and usually thrive, eating more adventurously too. Sustainable pulses and grains play a central role in Jenny's kitchen; she was nominated The United Nations FAO European Ambassador for the International Year of Pulses, and continues working to promote plant-focused diets with their undeniable environmental and nutritional benefits. She leads the Forward Food Campaign workshops for The Humane Society International UK, working with catering industry chefs to create greener menus, putting more plants on plates. Jenny has previously published five cookbooks with Pavillion, including Pulse and Cool Kids Cook.

Find her on instagram @jennychandleruk and her blog