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Color & Grace: Jesus & Lemonade Sweeten My Days: A Coloring Book of Life in the Son

Color & Grace: Jesus & Lemonade Sweeten My Days: A Coloring Book of Life in the Son

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Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Castle Point Books
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Find refreshment in Jesus, lemonade, and coloring!

When your soul is thirsty, Jesus is with you at the well. His grace has a way of transforming what seem like ordinary water and sour lemons into the sweetest lemonade. Every page of Jesus & Lemonade Sweeten My Days is a reminder of that truth and the many ways that faith (along with a healthy sense of humor) can make all the difference in your days. So, sharpen the points of your colored pencils or crayons (not your tongue) and give yourself the gift of set-apart time for coloring.

- Find your happy place in the Son as you get creative with more than 35 pretty illustrations
- Fill up with gratitude for simple, summery pleasures—from seashells and swings to watermelons and sunsets
- Drink in goodness from your pretty insulated cup and the fun, faith-filled messages inside this coloring book
- Remember that God is with you on every page and in all seasons
- Share your inspired creations with your friends in faith

No matter what the day brings, Jesus & Lemonade Sweeten My Days will remind you how sweet it is to trust in Jesus. Color and refill your cup!

About the Author

Hannah Gooding is a writer, youth group leader, and essential oil devotee. She counts among her blessings quiet evenings on her Texas porch with her husband and daughter and early mornings with feisty chickens.