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Nineteen Gardens (Modern Plays)

Nineteen Gardens (Modern Plays)

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Publication Date: December 15th, 2023
Methuen Drama
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We were bound by the same dream
To be there and to own it
or to destroy it

Nearly two years after the end of their affair, John and Aga meet once more. Each has filled the void left by the other: he has withdrawn into his world of wealth and privilege; she has found herself working as a chambermaid to support her family. Both recognise that the spark between them is still there. Will they rekindle what they had, or is an altogether darker game about to be played out...?

Magdalena Miecznicka's Nineteen Gardens is a lyrical human comedy, by turns seductive, enigmatic and explosive. The author of several novels and plays in Polish, this is Miecznicka's first play in English.

This edition was published to coincide with the world premiere at London's Hampstead Theatre, in November 2023.

About the Author

Magdalena Miecznicka is the author of several novels in Polish, and is also a journalist and literary critic. Now based in London, Nineteen Gardens was her first play in English, on at Hampstead Theatre in November 2023.