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If Only: Part 1 (A Problem Left Behind)

If Only: Part 1 (A Problem Left Behind)

Current price: $19.99
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023


A story about a woman named Ophelia whose faith and values comes to a test when learning about a secret after her husband's death. She still manages to remain strong for her adult children and go about her daily activities, but how long can such a secret be kept?

Ophelia will learn how to navigate through issues that arise as she figures out how to keep a secret from her children when they are used to her telling them everything. As challenges arise, Ophelia is taking them on one step at a time.

About the Author

Frena Rhodes is a Waco native with a deep love for play-writing. A church in her acted out one of her plays. She has started writing a series of books since 2016. She enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in her community.