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About Us

My name is VaLinda and I was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  principally by my Grandmother, who was the one who took me to my first library.  My Best Friend and Manager, Arrylee, was born and raised in New Jersey.  Northerners you might say!!

After many years volunteering at bookstores & libraries, I attended a seminar to learn how one enters the book trade in earnest, and was instructed in depth on the detailed business intricacies of 'How to...' operate a book store, conducted by a consulting firm which specialized in training new or potential book storeowners exclusively.


One of our favorite authors Ellery Adams

Then, plunging into a huge risk, I took over the ownership of an independent bookstore in Seneca. S.C.  Gradually I came to realize that it was a tremendous mistake, but a learning tool.  So, I shifted to a business plan that worked for me, moved the store from Seneca, SC to Goose Creek, SC and hired my best friend, Arrylee, as manager.  We managed through the pandemic, rough patches and low points, and witnessed many small businesses close around us, but we kept our faith and kept going.  It's not easy to run a small business, but we have managed to keep this amazing bookstore in business since June 2019.  WOW!!! June 2024 will 9 years in this business and I would not have it any other way.  No matter how hard the work shared by only two of us, we always keep our faith and pray.